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After School

Important note: When you register, you will be redirected to a “successful submission” on our website and receive an email confirmation. Please do not close out of the registration form if you do not see the success page or receive the email.


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* Note that all parents are responsible for reading and familiarizing themselves with the information in the After School Guide for Parents and Guardians.


The Girls Place After School Program operates in conjunction with the Alachua County School Calendar. The program began on Monday, August 18th. We transport girls from many Alachua County schools to Girls Place for an afternoon of structured activities. We provide countless activities based on the components of wellness: physical, emotional, spiritual, environmental, intellectual and social. This curriculum, with an emphasis on completing homework, allows Girls Place to provide a well rounded experience for the girls. Girls will participate in arts and crafts and field trips, interacting with special guests, and much more. For more information, please download our After School Parent Guide.


Registration is open! Please feel free to call in advance to see if there is space in your child’s age group and space on the vehicles. Important note: When you register, you will be redirected to a “successful submission” on our website and receive an email confirmation. Please do not close out of the registration form if you do not see the success page or receive the email.

Click Here to Register!


By submitting a registration form for the After School Program, you agree to the following registration terms and conditions:

Registration implies a commitment to participate in the program for the entire 2014-2015 school year.

  • Families are responsible for paying for every week regardless of how many weeks they attend.
  • Teacher work days and school holidays are included in the weekly rate.
  • A week of fees must be paid by August 12th to secure a spot in the program.
  • Accepted payments are check, cash, money order, credit card. Postdated checks cannot be accepted.
  • Families signed up and not attending will be charged up to one month prior to being inactivated and the child will lose her spot in the program.
  • Families who would like to withdraw for a short time period or permanently have to complete the Removal Form.
  • Families on ELC will be responsible for the full (non-ELC rate) fees if they fail to attend the program or if they fail to comply with ELC terms and policies.
  • Lastly, the parent who registers their daughter is ultimately responsible for paying the weekly fees. Any arrangements between parents cannot be accommodated by our staff.

Early drop off for school holidays: $1/day per child

Late fees: $1 for every five minutes late


– $20 (nonrefundable) for an individual

– $40 (nonrefundable) for a family

– Due upon registration unless already paid in 2014; will be invoiced again in January 2015

Children MUST be at least 5 years old to participate in any program at Girls Place.


K‐5th graders

– $49/week for the first child

– $41/week for each sibling

Middle/High School

– $30/week

Fees can be paid in person (cash, check, credit card, money order) or online (credit card or PayPal).

Girls Place is an Early Learning (ELC) provider. Families who qualify for ELC are often given rates well below what we can offer with our assistance program . Please contact ELC for more information. Families on ELC must abide by both Girls Place and ELC guidelines. Failure to do so can result in dismissal from Girls Place or loss in funding from ELC.


We are grateful to the United Way of North Central Florida for their support of our ACHIEVE Program and financial assistance. Please click here to apply. Families must submit a recent 1040 and free/reduced lunch form with a financial assistance application to be processed.


Normal operating hours – school release – 6:00 pm

Office hours – 11:00 am – 6:00 pm


Girls ages 5-18 can participate in the program. Girls are divided into groups based on the grade they are entering in during the school year: K-1st (Pink), 2nd-3rd (Red), 4th-5th (Yellow), 6th-7th (Green), 8th-12th (Blue). Each group has designated classroom space in addition to access to about 5 acres of green space and a gymnasium.


We share transportation responsibilities with the Boys and Girls Club (schools are noted with an asterisk; limited space on the vehicles). Each Club sends drivers to the following schools and drops off members at the appropriate club.

  • *Chiles Elementary
  • Glen Springs Elementary
  • *Hidden Oak Elementary
  • *Littlewood Elementary
  • * Meadowbrook Elementary
  • Metcalfe Elementary
  • Norton Elementary
  • One Room Schoolhouse (Pick up coincides with the Alachua County Schools calendar.)
  • Stephen Foster Elementary
  • Talbot Elementary
  • *Terwilliger Elementary
  • *Fort Clarke Middle School
  • Howard Bishop Middle School
  • *Westwood Middle School

* If 5 or more families show an interest in a school not listed above, we will consider transporting girls from additional schools. Families must commit and pay a week of fees by August 9th to consider a new school.


  • Girls must be picked up by 6:00 pm
  • Parents and guardians must come in the lobby to sign out the girls
  • A staff member will call your child to the front desk
  • If a staff person is not at the front desk, please go directly to the office
  • Anyone who comes to pick up a child will have their ID checked until the staff person becomes familiar with the parent or guardian
  • Girls cannot be sent home with someone who is not on their pick up list
  • Please contact the office immediately with any changes to a child’s pick up list (verbal messages from the girls will not be accepted).


Girls Place has a snack program offered through the Kids Cafe. Snack is available to all girls attending our program. A menu is available for each week. Snack will be served between 2:30 and 3:00.

We will also open our concession stand each afternoon at approximately for girls to purchase additional or preferable items. Parents may opt to send snack items as well. Items will vary in the concession stand, but may include juice, Gatorade, water, fruit snacks, chips, and trail mix. Items range from $0.25-$1.50

Concession Accounts: We prefer that a concession account is established to avoid any issues with missing money. An account can be set up in our front office and parents can set daily spending limitations if desired. We cannot be responsible for lost or stolen money, so this is the preferred option for girls who wish to purchase snacks

If you have any questions or would like to know more about the activities during the After School Program, please consult our After School Parent Guide or contact us. We would be more than happy to assist you.