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Michelle Obama Visits Girls Place!

Girls Place recently had a surprise visitor, the First Lady, Michelle Obama!

The First Lady admired the mission of Girls Place and chose to visit us before making a speech later that afternoon at the O’Connell Center. Michelle spent time with our girls doing some activities in our gymnasium and talked to the girls about good nutrition and doing well in school. Girls Place was honored to have the First Lady visit, and we know that it was a day that our girls will never forget for the rest of their lives!

Check out the gallery below to see photos from the First Lady’s visit to Girls Place:

Some quotes from our girls about Mrs. Obama’s visit…

Yesterday was a blast. I got to see the see the first lady of the United States. I got to hug her and take a picture of her. – Janiya, age 8


Dear Mrs. Obama,
Thank you so much for coming. That was the best day ever. I can’t wait to visit. I will be on my best behavior so I hope the other girls do too. I really love what you do for the environment. – Zelmarria, age 8


I felt happy when the First Lady came. I like when she talks to me. I like when she gave me a hug. It was a happy day. – Demetria, age 7


I was happy when I saw her because she is the first lady who married the President. She looked very pretty and I liked her hair. I got to talk to her. She told me lots of interesting things about her. She told me that her husband was flying somewhere, but she said she forgot where. She switched from group to group and I was shocked that she was sitting by me and she was wearing a blue dress with squares. She was really nice and she gave me a huge hug. I was really happy that she touched me. – Talaysia, age 8


It was cool to meet Michelle Obama. She is very nice and tall. When I saw her, I screamed soooo loud. And I asked her if she had ever been on a red carpet and she said no. She always goes in the back because of all the cameras. That was why I thought it was cool to meet Michelle Obama. – Kyiana, age 10


I felt excited when I saw Michelle Obama. She said Girls Place is a wonderful place. And she asked what we were going to be when we grow up. – Aja, age 9


When I met Michelle Obama I was fascinated. When she talked to us she talked about staying healthy and doing the right thing. She also let us ask some questions. It was awesome! If I could, I would do it again. – Jada, age 10