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The following are testimonials from Girls Place members, alumna and parents:

“The best thing about Girls Place is all counselors are very understanding have lots of patience and hugs for all the girls!! Christi is awesome!!!!!!! … They do lots of fun things with the children… Girls Place ROCKS!!!”

– Parent


“My best day at the Girls Place had to be when i was a part of the team Blue Tsunami’s. The championship came and we were in the top two. All that we had to do was win against one team, and then we’d be in first place! I was rotated in. Sweat was rolling down my cheeks. BOOM! Hurray! Everyone screamed. I had made the winning point, me! We got medals, and one of the dads bought us all trophes. That was a day that i will never forget!”

– Current Member


“[The best thing about Girls Place was…] it was a safe space for girls to be themselves with many outlets to channel different interests.”

– Alumna


“My best day at the Girl’s Place was watching my niece play Volleyball all season and on their very last match, she served the ball over the net. Everyone in the gym clapped for her and that was awesome to see everyone celebrate her success.”

– Alumna


“[I go to Girls Place] because it’s really fun, the people are really nice to me, and I just feel so great being there. I feel like it’s my home.”

– Current Member